‘Meridian Askew’

‘Meridian Askew’

Patinated and etched copper, brass, walnut.


One of a kind sculpture.

This sculpture is a comment on climate change and is my response to a fragile earth, a globe at a tipping point. I have repurposed an old copper ball cock and etched and patinated the continents of the world, the Greenwich Meridian being the join in the ball separating East and West. The line in Greenwich represents the historic Prime Meridian of the World – Longitude 0º. Every place on Earth was measured in terms of its distance east or west from this line. However, the meridian in this piece is not sitting on its usual axis, it is skewed. Our planet is hanging in the balance. The ballcock is screwed to the top of a copper rod and hovers over a patinated turquoise copper disc sitting on a repurposed and restored walnut trinket box.

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