Bid and Rebuild – Saul Hay Gallery

Bid and Rebuild – Saul Hay Gallery

Charity art auction

14th March 2019, Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester M3 4LZ.
All proceeds from the auction will go to two Manchester-based charities:

(Together Now and Survivors of Torture Relief Fund)

Supporting refugees to rebuild their lives in the UK.

‘Uprooted’ is a series of six canvas panels, each with the same title, originally presented as a Hexaptych. The pieces are my interpretation of the plight of displaced people in the world who have been uprooted from their families, homes and countries. Our roots give us life. They give us our identity.

I am donating one of these paintings to the Bid and Rebuild Art Auction, taking place on Thursday 14th March 2019 at the Saul Hay Gallery in Manchester. I will also be attending the event.

The remaining 5 paintings will also be available to buy at the time of the auction via my website ( with 20% of the proceeds from each sale donated to the two Manchester-based charities supporting refugees to rebuild their lives in the UK.

Each painting will be individually framed. You can see the piece of work below in its entirety.

The Bid and Rebuild website is live (Bid and Rebuild auction in support of refugee charities). You are welcome to make a bid online in advance of the auction (details are on the website):

Book your free tickets now at the eventbrite website (click on the link below):

Eventbrite tickets



‘Uprooted’. Acrylic ink and resin on x6 canvas panels, each 30x30cm. 2017

Survivors of Torture Relief Fund:
The Survivors of Torture Relief Fund is a charity
dedicated to the relief of financial hardship among
survivors of torture who are refugees, or asylum
seekers, and their dependents by providing grants
to charities in Greater Manchester whose role is to
provide therapeutic care for refugees and asylum
seekers who have suffered state-inflicted torture.
‘It will really help to have this grant as I don’t
know that I could carry on living like this without
some help. It is important that you recognise the
situation we are in. This is not our fault. It is very
frightening and depressing not having anything’.
Many survivors of torture live a life of destitution
or hardship while receiving psychological therapy
from charities struggling to provide this essential
service. By supporting the Survivors of Torture
Relief Fund you will help make it possible for
people to recover from the trauma of torture.

Survivors of Torture Relief Fund

Together Now:
Many refugees have been forced to leave families
in order to seek asylum. Together Now supports
refugees living in the UK to be able to be reunited
with their loved ones. All our clients have fled
persecution and many are survivors of torture.
Once granted leave to remain in the UK our clients
find themselves unable to meet the high costs of
bringing family members over to be with them and
this prolongs the suffering caused by separation.
By supporting Together Now you will make it
possible for families affected by persecution to
rebuild their lives in safety.
“As you know that living without or away from
your kids is just like a fish without water a body
without soul and you feel like you are living with
some body parts missing. “I have got my children
with me now my life is complete it’s full now I am
free of all stress and anxiety after this reunion.”

Together Now

‘Uprooted No. 1’ (Available to purchase from my online shop from 14/03/19):


‘Uprooted No. 2’ (Available to purchase from my online shop from 14/03/19):


‘Uprooted No. 3’ (For auction at the Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester on 14/03/19):


‘Uprooted No. 4’ (Available to purchase from my online shop from 14/03/19):


‘Uprooted No. 5’ (Available to purchase from my online shop from 14/03/19):


‘Uprooted No. 6’ (Available to purchase from my online shop from 14/03/19):


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