My proposal for Clifford Chance Portrait

My proposal for Clifford Chance Portrait

I contacted Michael today with my initial proposal for the work – Martine Wright, 7/7 survivor and Paralympic Athlete’s incredible story of survival and accomplishments, is an inspiration on so many levels. Martine sustained the worst injuries of all the survivors, losing both her legs in the attacks. However, she has re-built her life, a long and arduous task and has married, had a son, been skiing, learned to fly a plane, made a parachute jump and has spent the last three years training as a Paralympic Athlete in Women’s Sitting Volleyball.

‘Liz’ (Elizabeth Kenworthy) the off-duty policewoman who was on the same train as Martine on 7/7 and who saved her life, could also be described as ‘Inspirational’. In Martine Wright’s own words “people like that don’t come around that often and if it wasn’t for her I would be dead. It’s a very special relationship I have with her”. PC Kenworthy received an MBE for her bravery that day.
My Proposal: Martine Wright & PC Elizabeth Kenworthy “Martine & Liz”
A Diptych of Martine and Liz. Two portrait paintings, to hang next to each other viewed as one piece, in either acrylic or oil or both, on canvas. Both women deserve to be celebrated at the exhibition.
Now to find Martine and begin the journey…. I have searched the net for info about the women’s sitting volleyball teams and found a couple of clubs that Martine seems to belong to, so I have sent off emails to some of the key members and also to the national clubs to introduce myself and share my proposal for the work. Hopefully someone will get in touch and forward my details to Martine (fingers crossed).

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