In Pursuit of Meaning No.2

'In Pursuit of Meaning No.2'

Conté, Watercolour and Ink on paper 


46 x 61 cm


Artist Statement
I made these drawings during a time of reflection as was feeling a bit joyless and somehow drawn to the cube, through geometry as there is something satisfying about drawing a cube in space using a two point perspective and how simple mathematics magically creates the form perfectly into landscape from the viewer.

This prompted me to investigate further the meaning behind some of this. The word “geometry” means to measure the world. The cube symbolises stability, prosperity, security, boundaries, and protection. Apparently the cube form reminds us to anchor ourselves and allow things to unfold as they need to, without trying to rush the process. It was all very interesting and meaningful, hence the title. 

Plus the drawings then gave me ideas for new sculptures, highlighting how important making time for reflection is and not to push things that aren’t immediately apparent.

Cath Stocker, April 2023